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GTA online giving away $250,000 to players on weekends

GTA online seems to be wanting to make every player who still plays the game into a millionaire, every player who logs into the game on the weekends for the month of February will be granted a sum $250,000 and with the grand total amounting to $1 Million by the time March rolls over.


If you have missed the first weekend’s giveaway you can still log in and earn $750,000 which will go a long way in GTA. The game has introduced new multiplayer mode as part of Arena War.

With these new additions, a bunch of sci-fi weapons too were introduced and if you haven’t checked them out you should do so promptly. There was also a mode which allowed players to travel to space but it looks more like a mod the users made more than the official game update.

GTA online rose to its peak, a few years before but with new modes and incentives to play the game, Rockstar could very well give its players some reason to play the game again.


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