Want Those GTA Online Alien Suits? Rockstar Just Made Them Free

Looks like the alien war has only just begun

GTA Online recently experienced an alien invasion, but not with real aliens. Instead, they were just humans dressed as green or purple aliens. Their invasion modus operandi? Wear spandex body suits, grab people, put them in vans, drive to different locations and well, beat the daylights out of them.

It’s definitely not like anyone’s imagination of an alien invasion, but that’s how it is in GTA Online. If you would like to join this party and unleash chaos yourself, now is your chance. These alien suits previously costed $358,000 (green) and $330,000 (purple) of in-game cash. Now, they are free!

Did Rockstar just commence the purge?

How to get the GTA Online Alien suit for FREE

Wondering where to buy these for $0? To get the Alien suits in GTA Online, visit any clothing store in the game and check Outfits: Arena War and then go to the bodysuit category.

Rockstar has given these GTA Online alien suits for free on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Although they have not announced this particular free reward, gamers have found out on their own. A post on the GTA Online subreddit revealed that the alien suits are free and so is the Pool Cue from Ammu-nation stores.

Now that these alien suits are free, the alien invasion is bound to get even stronger. Note that they might be free only for this week so get them before 14th May 2020. It’s a weekly bonus so those who didn’t buy the alien suits because of their high price can now own them.

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