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GTA Online’s Latest Craze: Why Is Everyone Green?!

The start of an intergalactic warfare?

Over the past few weeks, aliens on GTA online have gone lollygagging on the streets of Los Santos. Your regular joes faced the heat with pool cues, baseball bats, or being perforated with Mk2s and hydras by, what you would call, “green men” or “extraterrestrials”.

The Galactic Warfare Continues from gtaonline


What you would mistakenly surmise as an alien invasion is, in fact, a hot new fetish of the GTA online gamers themselves. It all started with a bunch of ruffians dressed as green hooligans, bundled up in the back of a van, just spreading absolute chaos in the streets. Soon enough, this trend gained popularity, and players stripped the clothing centers clean off the green spandex suit, they call it the “Alien Suit”.

Here’s how you can get your own alien suit, for just a mere $300,000.


Currently, GTA online is in a frenzy, as more and more players are dressing up as aliens and joining forces with like-minded pranksters to beat up regular passers-by. Here is how they roll:

They giddy-up in a van, drive to random locations, leap out, beat you to death, hop back in and drive into the abyss.


The Galactic Warfare Continues from gtaonline

Sometimes they’ll call up Lester from their phone book and buy an “Off-The-Radar” trick for $500 to pay you a surprise visit.


Alien Traffic Stop from gtaonline

They might hide outside casinos and wait for your return after a day of hard-earned money, only to strip you of your wallet.

One of the best moments of the game – A bunch of aliens was harassing people when a differently-dressed crew of aliens decided to show up and get in a mob fight.

My crew and I were harassing people in alien suits with pool cues when another crew threw on some suits and challenged us to a classic street fight. Best online moment to date from gtaonline

Although, the “green-cladded” frenzy has exploded into existence right now, here is a bus of 15 aliens back in August, with one goal in mind – the destruction of peace.

15 Aliens, 1 Bus, 1 Goal… from gtaonline

To what level of annoyance this aliens buzz has created, you would come to adore this foolishness. Indeed, havocking other GTA Online players gameplay without provocation is a little disgraceful and wonderfully idiotic.  Let’s hope when players grow tired of aliens, some new foolishness catches on real soon. We all need some entertainment, don’t we?