What Is The GTA 6 Budget? (Leaks & Rumors)

Wondering about what is the GTA 6 Budget? Then here's all about it.

It’s not just you, many players and GTA series fans out there are wondering about what will be the GTA 6 budget. That’s because so far this is one of the most awaited games developed by the Rockstars Games. And after the 17-year hacker leaked some pre-developed footage the internet was shaken for a while. Among the enormous leaks, some DMs were also found stating the amount of money the developers are investing in the game. If you are not aware of the budget leaks, then not anymore, scroll down for more details and you’ll be good to go.

How Much Is GTA 6 Budget?

What Is GTA 6 Budget? (Leaks & Rumors)

As per the leaks, the Budget of GTA 6 is reportedly more than 2 Billion. And if that’s true, then it makes this upcoming installment one of the most expensive games ever made. For those who are unaware, this data was leaked by a 17-year-old hacker who was associated with a hacking group known as Lapsus$. However after the hacker was traced, he was arrested by the police in England.

Surprisingly GTA 5 was developed with 10 times less budget. i.e. 265 Million. Which was also recovered within the first 24 hours of the release. As soon as the leak was out, many gaming enthusiasts and journalists started to dig more. Regarding what makes the game budget more than 2 Billion. And it was reported that the game will be starring the first female protagonist named Lucia, and her partner Jason. It was also reported that the game will also feature some areas from the GTA Vice City. As the game is under development since 2014 it is speculated to be released in 2025.

That covers all the leaks & rumors regarding the GTA 6 Budget. For your convenience, we will keep updating this article if new information comes to light. So go ahead and bookmark this article by pressing CTRL+D. If you want to know more about the upcoming installment then, check out where the game takes place. And, also take a look at other GTA 6 leaks for more details.