When is Grounded Coming to PS4 & Nintendo Switch – All Question Answered

Grounded brings the interesting world of Honey I Shrunk the Kids live on PC were kids in their tiniest form fight the tiniest battle to survive. Want to know when can you play this on PS4, or Switch?

Grounded was revealed during Xbox Event shares a world of tiny adventures. Grounded is Obsidian Entertainment’s latest new game where players will exploring the dangers of their back yard. Shrunken to the size of an ant, a group of kids is dealing with spiders, ants, bugs, and more. Want to know more about Grounded PS4 and Grounded Switch version – then you are on the right page.

Will Grounded have PS4 Console or Switch Version?

Grounded is only available for Xbox One and PC platform, the game is in early access and available on Xbox Game Preview. The Early Access is a stage where the game is incomplete, and the developer has not updated the end of the Early Access period.

This puts a full stop on the release of Grounded on another platform, but this does not mean it is not possible. Early Access is a stage for bug test via public testing. Obsidian Entertainment the studio behind Grounded will focus on fixing the game completely first only after which a final version will be out for Console and PC platform.

PC gamers can purchase Grounded via Steam and enjoy the early Access that went live on July 28, 2020. The same goes for Xbox Game Pass holders who can try out the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Windows 10 via Smart Delivery system.

Microsoft acquired Obsidian Entertainment in 2018, this to an extent can restrict the game porting on other platforms. To the extent it is valid to assume Grounded will be restricted to Xbox and PC family only. Sony and Switch platform has a long list of exclusive titles that never make their way on PC and Xbox platforms.

Adding Grounded to the list of Xbox & Windows Exclusive List we might not see Grounded for PS4 and Switch in future. That’s all about Grounded PS4 and Grounded Switch version, we will update this article as soon as we find something vital that can back up the release of this game on other platforms.