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GreedFall: How To Craft Items, Potions And Ammo

Here's a quick guide covering how to craft all consumable items in GreedFall.

GreedFall — which was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in September 2019 — will soon be released for next-gen consoles. Developed by Spiders, the action role-playing video game does have a lot of things that players can craft and purchase. However, there are users who have been having trouble crafting items, potions, ammo and other consumables in GreedFall and if that’s you then look no further because we have got you covered.

Before we explain how to craft items, ammo and potions in GreedFall, let me tell you that the same things can also be purchased from a merchant or vendor if you have sufficient in-game currency.


How To Craft Items, Potions, Ammo and Other Consumables in GreedFall

Each character in GreedFall has the ability to develop their talents, which is divided into six trees — Vigor. Charisma, Science, Lockpicking, Craftmanship and Intuition. What you need to craft Items, Potions and Ammon in the game is Scient Talent.


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In Science Talent, there are three levels and each level you get will grant you access to a new tier of potions in GreedFall. If you opt for Science Talent, you will be able to use explosives to break through weak parts of walls, making your work a lot easier in various areas and missions.

At Science Talent level 1, you can only craft simple potions and destroy walls with phials but as you get to level 2, you will be able to create your Ammo in GreedFall by using Firearms.


When it comes to crafting consumables, you will have to find a Workbench, which can be found in towns. What all you need to do is to head over to the Workbench and interact with it and search for the consumable tab. Now, scroll down untill you see the item that you want to craft in GreedFall and make sure you are at the required Science Level.

The easiest way to gather a lot of crafting materials is to interact with any glowing items that you come across while exploring the world. You will get enough crafting materials in trees, crates, various bushes, chests, and on the corpses of monsters and creatures that you kill.

That’s everything you need to know about how to craft items, potions and ammo in GreedFall. While here, ensure reading about how to Save Wilhelm in Greedfall.