Greedfall Naut Costume: How To Disguise As A Naut?

Here's how to disguise yourself as a Naut (Sailor Outfit). Know where to find the Naut Costume in Greedfall easily.

Disguise is an important part of Greedfall because if you wear a certain outfit, you can pretend to be a part of a particular faction. This will give you special access to areas that you wouldn’t be able to enter otherwise. Now, there’s the Naut Costume in Greedfall which is making players interested, but how to disguise as a Naut? There are two ways to get the costume and we will explain all of it here. Note that this will help you complete the Coin Guard Merchandise quest.

How to Disguise as Naut in Greedfall (Naut Uniform)

There are two ways to find the Naut Costume in Greedfall:


  • Storeroom: In the Storeroom, head towards the chest to find the Sailor’s Coat which is the Naut Costume disguise. It’s in this room you will find a sailor, a book placed on a table and also a chest where there’s the outfit.


  • Harbor Master’s Office: To get the costume from Harbor Master’s Office, you have to be stealthy and get to the room upstairs. Open it up and check the chest where you will find Sailor’s Coat, Sailor’s Boots, Sailor’s Gloves and Gold Coins. Make sure to not be detected by the guards.


These were basically the ways to get the Greedfall Naut Costume and disguise as Naut easily. With the Torso aka the Costume, you will be able to trick the guards and gain access to forbidden areas. If you don’t have this sailor disguise, you may end up in problems with the Naut faction. But with the Sailor’s Coat equipped, you can enter areas with Naut control based on your reputation with the faction.

That’s all there is to know. For more GreedFall Guides, stay with Gamer Tweak. Meanwhile, find out where to find Constantine’s Clothes in GreedFall as well.