Monster Hunter World: Great Spiritvein Gem Farming Guide

Check out here to know how you can get the Great Spiritvein Gem in Monster Hunter World.

The Great Spiritvein Gem is one of the resources that you will need to enhance your Gear and unlock powerful Charms in Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne Expansion. Just like Super Abalone, a Great Spiritvein Gem is also difficult to find. But if you want a hint then here you go – this Master Rank item is obtained from completing certain quests and defeating Tempered Monsters. It still sounds confusing right? Don’t worry, we got you.

Here is our Great Spiritvein Gem Farming Guide that aims to explain how to get this resource easily in MHW: Iceborne. So let’s get started.

How to Farm the Great Spiritvein Gem in MHW

How to Farm the Great Spiritvein Gem in MHW
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As mentioned above, completing quests and defeating monsters is the only way to get the Great Spiritvein Gem. Below, we will take a look at both of these methods one by one.

Quests that Reward the Great Spiritvein Gem

Quest NameRewards
Ode to the DestructionGreat Spiritvein Gem, King Armor Sphere, Nergigante Cortex, Immortal Shard, Shadowcore Ore, Spiritvein Gem Shard, Spiritvein Gem
Mew Are Number One!Great Spiritvein Gem, Astral Melding Ticket, Sealed Feystone 
Tears from NirvanaGreat Spiritvein Gem, Black Bandana, Spiritvein Gem Shard, King Armor Sphere, Spiritvein Gem, x2 Deceased Shard, x2 Vaal Hazak Cortex 

After completing the “Ode to the Destruction” and “Mew Are Number One!” quests in Monster Hunter World, you can get a Great Spiritvein Gem guaranteed. However, for the “Tears from Nirvana” quest, there is only an 8% chance that you will receive it.

Monsters that Drop the Great Spiritvein Gem

MonsterChances of Getting a Great Spiritvein Gem
Seething Bazelgeuse3%
Silver Rathalos3%
Gold Rathian3%
Stygian Zinogre5%
Savage Deviljho3%
Blackveil Vaal Hazak3%
Kushala Daora3%
Ruiner Nergigante3%

That’s everything you can do to farm the Great Spiritvein Gem in MHW. While this is only a few of those difficult-to-find item, there are a lot more that need to be found. That is why, I suggest you check out our dedicated section for the Monster Hunter World Guides. We have covered all the helpful content for you there.