All Chapter And Side Quest List In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Check out this list of Granblue Fantasy chapters and side quests to keep track of everything you have finished and are remaining.

Granblue Fantasy Relink is like a breath of fresh air. It is a virtual world filled with awestruck natural beauty that makes one want to relax under the shades of those trees. As you start your journey and travel across the floating islands, you must have wondered where the story ends. Questions like what and how many chapters are in GBF Relink are common. The answer to all of those is right below. Simply scroll down and find the length of the main story.

Completing each chapter of the Story Mode allows you to unlock new features and explore for NPC and Counter side quests. If you want to peacefully enjoy the game while taking your time finishing the side quests on the way, you still need to focus on the main story. Not all side tasks are simple, and you must grow your companions and power to clear all of them.

How Many Chapters Are in Granblue Fantasy Relink (Answered)

How Many Chapters Are in Granblue Fantasy Relink
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There are a total of 12 Chapters in the main story of the GBF Relink, including Prologue, Final, and Zero:

  1. Prologue: The Forgotten Sky
  2. Chapter 1: The Western Frontier
  3. Chapter 2: Tempest on the Horizon
  4. Chapter 3: Creations of the Stars
  5. Chapter 4: Skies Forever Blue
  6. Chapter 5: Shadows in the Snowscape
  7. Chapter 6: In Search of Hope
  8. Chapter 7: Warning Signs
  9. Chapter 8: Relink
  10. Chapter 9: Opposing Wills
  11. Final Chapter: Id
  12. Chapter 0: Skybound Heart

All NPC Side Quests in Granblue Fantasy Relink

  • Folca Side Quests:
    1. A Lingering Regret
    2. Annoying Neighbors
    3. Cleansing the Dead
    4. Collecting Godstones
    5. Fresh Material
    6. Help Your Fellow Farer
    7. Infested Skyways
    8. Long Time No Fix
    9. Memories on Ice
    10. Miracle Mushrooms
    11. Oddly Specific Request
    12. On the Tip of My Chip
    13. Pebbles of Perfection
    14. Presentproof Investing
    15. Results Guaranteed
    16. Sculpting Fire
    17. Soaring Dream
    18. Stuffed Stocks
    19. Vulnerable Nights
  • Seedhollow Side Quests:
    1. A Barrold of My Own
    2. Aid from Afar
    3. Bug Hunt
    4. Family Reporting
    5. Icey Interior
    6. In Defense of the City
    7. Loathsome Wings
    8. Magimorphosis
    9. Nightmare of a Shadow
    10. Out of Serpentine Spite
    11. Red-Hot Seller
    12. Regret and Repentance
    13. The Forbidden Spirit
    14. To Whirl Again
    15. Trowel and Error
    16. Wolves at the Door
  • Wee Pincer Side Quests:
    1. Save the Crustaceans
    2. Save the Crustaceans part Deux
    3. Save the Crustaceans the Third
    4. Save the Crustaceans Reloaded
    5. Save the Crustaceans Beyond
    6. Save the Crustaceans Neo
    7. Save the Crustaceans Returns
    8. Save the Crustaceans New Dawn
    9. Save the Crustaceans Chronicles
    10. Save the Crustaceans Origins
    11. Save the Crustaceans Supremacy
    12. Save the Crustaceans Infinity

Counter Quest List for Novice, Veteran Skyfarer, and Zegargrande Legend

GFR Novice Veteran Skyfarer Zegargrande Legend Quests
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  • Novice Skyfarer Quests:
    • Easy –
      1. Bash the Goblin Hordes
      2. Worried About Papa
      3. Protect Our Woods
      4. Fort Fumigation
      5. Tomorrow’s Prayers
      6. Defeat Goblin Boss
      7. Make Our Skies Safe Again
      8. Guard Our Hometown
    • Normal –
      1. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Valley
      2. Eye Have a Problem
      3. Only You Can Prevent Forest Flyers
      4. Saga Grande: The Beginning
      5. Rilla Done Did It
      6. Golemology 101: Desert Golems
      7. Dagger Really Done Did It
      8. Sweep the Volcano
      9. On the Front Lines
      10. I See a Bloody Vision
      11. The Saga Continues: Ice
      12. The Saga Continues: Fire
  • Veteran Skyfarer Quests:
    • Hard –
      1. Rules the Skies
      2. Unthinning the Troops
      3. The Juice of Jealousy
      4. Protect the Rep
      5. Delts of Our Lives
      6. Collector’s Digest
      7. I See a Flaming Vision
      8. Hide and Chic
      9. Drumsticks au Griffin
      10. Looming Tower, Leering Eye
      11. Very Hard
      12. Wings of Antiquity
      13. Seeds of Trouble
      14. A Bone to Peak
      15. Absolutely No Trespassers
      16. Dark Refrain
      17. Golemology 102: Volcanic Golems
      18. No One Likes Leftovers
      19. I See a Deathly Vision
      20. The Next Hot Topic
    • Extreme –
      1. License to Thrill
      2. Assault Formation
      3. Great Goblins of Fire
      4. Shedding Light on the Pillar
      5. Saga Illustrated: The Beginning
      6. General Investigation: Gallanza
      7. General Investigation: Maglielle
      8. Learning from the Past
      9. Saga Illustrated: Inferno
      10. General Investigation: Id
      11. Wings of Conflagration
      12. Wings of Upheaval
      13. Wings of the Storm
      14. Wings of Rime
      15. To Know the Unknowable
  • Zegagrande Legend Quests:
    • Maniac –
      1. Slimepede
      2. Rumble in the Desert
      3. Armor Is Best Served Cold
      4. A Heated Rivalry
      5. Death, Taxes, and Goblins
      6. Icy Eye on the Holy Prize
      7. Golemology 103: Forest Golems
      8. Hope in the Machine
      9. A New Breed
      10. I See a Grim Vision
      11. Throw a Smith a Bone
      12. Revenge of the Hordes
      13. Serenity Upon the Mount
      14. Roost and Reign
      15. Boss Done Want It Did
      16. Hallowed Be Thy Ground
      17. Know Your Enemy
      18. I See a Chromatic Vision
      19. The Saga Continues: Wind
      20. Saga Illustrated: Crystal
      21. Id Bears Repeating
      22. The Saga Continues: Silver
      23. Saga Illustrated: Veil
      24. The Saga Continues: Earth
      25. Saga Illustrated: Hellfire
      26. Saga Grande: Happily Ever After
    • Proud –
      1. The Final Report
      2. Blazing Trial
      3. Grounded Trial
      4. Stormy Trial
      5. Frigid Trial
      6. Worst Vacation Ever
      7. Trade Barriers
      8. Melting Pot of Hostility
      9. Banquet of Ice and Corpses
      10. For a Freer Folca
      11. A Quest of Fire and Earth
      12. A Quest of Frost and Storm
      13. The Wolf and the Veil
      14. Calamity Incarnate
      15. As Fierce as the Silver Wolf
      16. Memories of Fire
      17. Thunderbolts and Lightning
      18. Into the Abyss
      19. The Automagod Strikes Back
      20. The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage

This is all for the Granblue Fantasy Relink chapter and side quest list. Next, you should see the GFR Trophies And Achievements list and find out if it is Steam Deck compatible.