All Trophies And Achievements List In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Granblue Fantasy Relink players can claim numerous trophies and achievements by completing some necessary requirements while playing the game. Here’s the complete list that they can earn.

Like most action RPGs, there are a set of trophies and achievements that players can earn if they fulfill the requirements. In total, there are a total of 54 Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements that players can complete and earn the badge for each. While you will have to progress through the game to complete these achievements, these won’t be easy to complete.

Earning a badge by completing the said trophy is satisfying which is why players often look for the list to complete them as they come. While some trophies can be easily earned by doing some skill more than 50 times, there are those that require you to dish out a lot of damage or even unlock all characters which can take a pretty time. Nevertheless, since players are inclined to complete them, we have listed all the trophies and what you need to do to complete them.

All Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements

All Trophies And Achievements List In Granblue Fantasy Relink
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These are all the Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements that players can earn:

TrophyComplete Chapter 7 of the main story
A Fateful EncounterComplete fate episode prologue first time
A Fateful FarewellComplete fate episode epilogue
About To Full BurstTrigger full burst in battle
Buff BuffetUse buffing skills on allies 20 times
Cannon CrusherDestroy cannons in Ch. 4
Chain Burst ChampionActivate 100 chain bursts in battle
Child Of Darkness And FlamesHidden requirement
Closer To The TruthFind 30 archive entries
Crabs Are NeatFind 20 wee pincers
Creation Of The StarsComplete Chapter 3 of the main story
Debuff DelugeInflict debuffs on enemies 20 times
Don’t Think It Goes Higher Than ThatDeal 999,999+ damage with a chain burst
Fate Can’t WaitComplete all characters’ Fate Episodes
Field MedicRevive allies 5 times
Give Me Something To BreakPut enemies into Break 5 times
I Like It When Numbers Go UpAcquire 100,000 rupies total
I Try To HelpComplete a side quest the first time
I Will SurviveUse 50 potions
IdComplete the final chapter of the main story
In Perfect SyncEnter link time in battle
In Search Of HopeComplete Chapter 6 of the main story
It’s All About CommunicationUse an emote
It’s Called SkillUse skills 50 times in battle
Knickknack Shack RegularComplete 10 Siero’s Treasure Trades
Leave It To MeGet S++ quest evaluation first time
Making Ends MeetSell 10 sigils
No CapUncap a weapon at the blacksmith
No Holding BackUse Skybound Arts 10 times in battle
Nothing Is Impossible!Complete all side quests
On The HouseGet an appraisal from Zathba
On The Road To MasteryUnlock the first mastery node
Opposing WillsComplete Chapter 9 of the main story
Platinum SkyObtain all other trophies
Practice Makes PerfectPractice with Sir Barrold
Primal Beast PunisherDefeat 100 primal beasts
Primeval DragonHidden requirement
Push It To The LimitRaise a character to level 100
RelinkComplete Chapter 8 of the main story
ReminiscenceFill all entries in Lyria’s Journal
Shadows In The SnowscapeComplete Chapter 5 of the main story
SharpshooterDestroy barrage projectiles in Ch. 4
Skies Forever BlueComplete Chapter 4 of main story
Skybound HeartComplete Chapter 4 of the main story
Squad’s All HereUnlock all characters
Tempest On The HorizonComplete chapter Ø of the main story
The Forgotten SkyComplete Chapter 2 of the main story
The UltimateComplete Prologue of the main story
The Western FrontierComplete the main story on Ultimate difficulty
Treasure HunterOpen 50 treasure chests
True PotentialUnlock Ascension weapon power first time
Unlocked And UnloadedOpen all locked treasure chests
Warning SignsComplete Chapter 1 of the main story
Welcome To The CrewUnlock a new character
Wings Of DestructionComplete quest “The Final Report”

That’s all there is on the Granblue Fantasy Relink Trophies and Achievements. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Granblue Fantasy Relink guides right here at Gamer Tweak.