Is Granblue Fantasy: Relink Steam Deck Compatible? (Answered)

Not seeing the Steam Deck Verification Badge on Granblue Fantasy: Relink makes one wonder if it is compatible with it or not. If you are also curious about it, then our guide is all you need.

Is Granblue Fantasy Relink Steam Deck compatible? Many players have been wondering about this since its launch. While the game is supported on the PS4, PS5, and Steam, it would still be a buzzkill if it doesn’t allow you to experience this fantasy world while traveling in a real one. Since there is no Deck Verified green tick on the game, it is questionable if it’s even playable. To answer this, we embarked on the adventure to the skies with the handheld and tested whether it did or not.

The GF: Relink is a third-person action JRPG developed by Cygames, Inc. It is a multiplayer and single-player game that can be played in co-op with up to 4-players. Even though it is a fast-paced combat, it doesn’t force you to take part in it, as you have assist mode. With all that, once you get started on this adventure, it will be hard to stop, which makes the Steam Deck version compatibility even more crucial.

Can You Play Granblue Fantasy Relink in Steam Deck?

Can You Play Granblue Fantasy Relink in Steam Deck
Image Credit: Cygames, Inc.

Yes, Granblue Fantasy Relink can be played on the Steam Deck. You can switch between PC and deck anytime you want, and take part in the adventure without much hassle. In terms of performance, it wouldn’t be as powerful as the PC and PS, however, it works smoothly from 30 to 40 FPS when Graphic settings are standard. While in the town and during battle, the frame rate does dip, so keeping the FPS limit of the deck to 30 and the game to 60, would make it a lot more stable than before.

During cutscenes, it will go up to 60, and during intense battles, it can decrease to 20 FPS. If it starts to get irky during fights, you can always switch to the assist mode, and let the game handle it for you. Overall the performance and gameplay are impressive even without the verified badge of the deck.

While you need an internet connection for the co-op missions, it will work just fine when playing the main story solo offline. So, it shouldn’t be an issue to take it with you on your long trip and enjoy exploring the Sky Realm anytime.

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