Does Granblue Fantasy Relink Have Ultrawide Support? (Explained)

Looking to play Granblue Fantasy Relink with Ultrawide Support? There might be some bad news awaiting for you. Check out this guide for all there is on the 21:9 aspect ratio and above.

Ultrawide support is arguably one of the rising aspects of the gaming industry. However, many developers are not yet concerned about dedicating their efforts toward that part of the game. Many RPGs in recent times have skipped this part and are still running on regular monitors available in the market. That leaves a burning question in the minds of players, does Granblue Fantasy Relink have ultrawide support?

While the game offers a 4K display resolution, the widest and largest aspect ratio is 16:9. That means, players with Ultrawide Support will have to play with two black bars on either side of the screen to fill up the remaining space. Since you are interested in ultrawide support, we recommend you check out more on this below.

Is there Ultrawide Support With Granblue Fantasy Relink?

Does Granblue Fantasy Relink Have Ultrawide Support
Mods might provide Ultrawide Support with Granblue Fantasy Relink later on. Image via Cygames

In one word, no, there is no Ultrawide Support with Granblue Fantasy Relink at the time of writing and it is unlikely that the developers will worry about adding one now. Although ultrawide support is not uncommon, many games have chosen to go ahead without it. This leaves those with bigger screens with two black bars and that is the only option they currently have if they want to enjoy the game.

Although there is no ultrawide support currently, it won’t be long before mods are available for the game. Once that happens, we can expect some better aspect ratio to be available so players can enjoy the screen on their wide monitors. However, there is no guarantee when that will happen. The best thing players can do right now is enjoy the experience as it is.

That’s all there is on ultrawide support with Granblue Fantasy Relink. If you found this guide helpful, we have more Granblue Fantasy Relink guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.