Gran Turismo New Game Trademarked Ahead of PS5 Event

It seems that Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed new trademarks for a new Gran Turismo brand in Argentina. It is speculated that an announcement for the PS5 could be made soon. Actually, a big online event was supposed to take place last week, and Sony Interactive Entertainment wanted to present the first PS5 games.

Due to the protest in the USA, the company decided, for understandable reasons, to delay the PlayStation 5 event in question to a later date. A development that did not prevent the rumor mill from providing us with fresh news in the past few days. Among other things, there has been a talk of a technically revised remastered version of Bloodborne for the PS5 and the PC in recent days.

If we believe the current rumors, then Sony Interactive Entertainment or Polyphony Digital could use the big online event to announce a new Gran Turismo for the PS5. A recent trademark in Argentina has been brought forward. A completely new brand for Gran Turismo was registered here without a name or a number.

And if we are to believe the reports, the developers of Polyphony Digital also trademarked new logos for a Gran Turismo. It is striking that the trademark protection entries were filed on June 4, 2020. It is the same date when the big online event for the PS5 or the software of the next-generation console was supposed to be revealed. Could this be another indication of the upcoming announcement of a new Gran Turismo project?

We just have to wait a few more days to find out more about this new project. Stay tuned for any updates on the latest Gran Turismo game only on