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Bloodborne Will Release on PC & PS5, According to Rumors

There is a new rumor rounding up about the possible release of Bloodborne on PC and PS5.

Amazon France listed Bloodborne in its database for PC in April, something that was quickly denied by Sony. However, the Japanese company will launch this year another PS4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn, on PC; as well as Death Stranding.

The difference is that the latter is not from an internal PlayStation studio, and its release on the platforms will be done by the publisher 505 Games, not Sony. In addition, it was rumored that other games of the brand, such as Dreams, will also come to PC.

Today, the well-known leaker Wario64 commented on the discount for the 12-month PS Now subscription: “You can play Bloodborne on PC with PS Now…or wait a little longer.”

Seconding the rumor is another blogger named Casey Wright, also known as CaseyExplosion. The Twitter user received information from a reliable friend in exchange for a donation of $100 for charity. According to Wright, Bloodborne will release not only on PC, but also on PS5. This will happen allegedly in the form of a re-release, the development of which is carried out by a proven studio, but not From Software. The name of the company was not disclosed, but “you won’t be disappointed,” she says.

At the same time, the announcement of the Bloodborne remaster was supposed to take place as part of the presentation of games for the PlayStation 5, which was recently delayed.

Bloodborne is already available on PlayStation 4.