Good Prospects Hidden Treasure Location Guide – Borderlands 3

With over 6 hidden treasure chest in various maps, this guide will help you to find all Good Prospects Hidden chest in Borderlands 3.

To complete Good Prospects challenges you will have to find around six hidden chests around the map. It is a part of Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood crew challenges. I am going to share all 6 Treasure Chest location to help you to complete Good Prospects Borderlands 3 Challenges. So lets begin.

All 6 Good Prospects Treasure Chest Location

The treasure chest has a lot of guns and items inside. Some are placed on easy to spot locations while some are hidden in corners. I will tell you where to search and you will find each treasure chest one by one. Here the main locations to search for Good Prospects Treasure Chest.

  • Vestige
  • Crater’s Edge
  • Obsidian Forest
  • Bloodsun Canyon
  • Ashfall Peaks
  • The Blastplains

Vestige Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Chest Location Vestige

In Vestige this one is tricky to find as it is located on the first floor of a building. Way to access the treasure chest is via the roof. So check the arrow in the above map screenshot, if you follow that you will be on a street. There is a house with Chinese signs on right. You can find Film Reel for completing Creature Feature Borderlands 3 Challenge.

Good Prospects Chest Location Vestige

Back to the Vestige Hidden Treasure chest location go left and turn right. Jump over a wooden gate, and use to climb on the roof on the left. Do not jump to the other side, you can walk on the narrow wooden wall to reach the roof on the right. Next jump on the roof of the first house on the left. Go to the front roof climb further to the left. Go straight and walk on the wooden edge of the roof towards the right end. You will spot a floor with Treasure Chest.

Crater’s Edge Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Chest Crators Edge

The second chest is in Crater’s Edge, it is easy to find. Locate the massive hole in the wall, on its left, there is a burning house. Take the second entrance on the left and break the wooden crates on the right corner. Stand on green glowing light, and you will see the Hidden Treasure chest in Crator’s Edge of Borderland 3.

Obsidian Forest Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Chest Obsidian Forest

The third hidden chest is in Obsidian Forest. Go to Crone’s Contentment, from the fast travel point walk left towards the cave and stop at a notice board. The highlighted area on the map is the place where you have to go. Look for cranes, refer the arrow pointing towards a platform in the image above. From there jump down and make your way to the pipe right in the front. The chest is behind the pipe over around area.

Bloodsun Canyon Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Chest Bloodun Canyon

In Bloodsun Canyon to find the Hidden Chest go to the marked location on the map screenshot above. The first job is to find the map, so when you on the arrow location as shown in the image, look for 07 texts. Take the stairs on the right and jump into the round hole in the wall, you will be teleported to a platform. The map is on the desk on the left. Use the Bloodsun Canyon Presentation Room Fast Travel Station to exit this place.

Good Prospects Chest Bloodun Canyon

The Hidden Treasure chest is now marked on the map, once you are in an area with lifts moving cargo on the top you are in the right direction. Follow the cargo and go to the left end corner. You will see a huge gap with green glowing light shooting from the wall. Before jumping on the lift go to the left corner and jump on the metal platform. There is a control unit to open the round door. You can jump further down to the left corner on the green light and it will throw you back up. Now jump over green light from the wall and it pushes you towards the teleportation device that unlocks the Hidden Treasures chest in Borderland 3.

Ashfall Peaks Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Ashfall Peak

Reach the point as shown by the white arrow in the Borderlands 3 Map Ashfall Peak map screenshot above. Look for a huge wheel blocked by crystals. On the right of a small bridge, break the crystals and the wheel starts spinning. Look through the whee and you will see a switch, hit that and door of this house is unlocked. Ashfall Peak hidden treasure chest is inside this house.

The Blastplains Good Prospects Hidden Chest Location

Good Prospects Blastplains

The sixth and final Good Prospects Hidden chest is in the Blastplains. It is quite far from the above-marked map location just follow my instructions. Assuming you are near to the brown region, look for a Camp sign. Go to the end and turn right take first left and you can walk into a big house. As you exit you will see a bridge and path through the mountains. Turn right and climb up you will see the green light.

Good Prospects Blastplains

Jump to the other side and do not go inside the wooden house, go right and look for the ladder on the left. Climb up inside this room on the left corner there is another ladder. One more ladder and run straight towards the end in the front. Go to the right end towards the rock after exiting the room and you will find the final and last chest of Borderlands Good Prospects Challenge.

That’s it you can now grab all the 6 hidden treasure chest and complete Good Prospects Challenge with it. If you are on the map do not forget to use our guide to find the chest.