Creature Feature Film Reel Location Guide – Borderlands 3

To complete Creature Feature challenge you will need to find a Film Reel. Read below to know more.

To complete the Creature Features challenge in Borderlands 3 you will have to  find Film Reels. There is only one Film Reel to find to complete this mission. So here is a guide on how to find Film Reels in Borderlands 3. I will share the exact location of Borderlands 3 Film Reel below, you will have to return to the owner of Vestige’s movie theater with the reels.

Borderlands 3 Vestige Film Reel Location

Borderlands 3 Film Reel Location

The film reel is in the basement of one of the buildings in the north of the town. The above image shows the exact location of the Film Reel in Borderlands 3. You will have to move towards the extreme North of the map. Look for a store with Chinese symbols on the signboard. You will be able to spot it easily.

You will have to go to the basement to find the Film Reel to complete the Creature Feature mission in Borderlands 3. The path to the basement is on the right of his building. Look for a small alleyway with a keyhole type door on the left. The Film Reel is on the table with some monster statue on it. Grab it and you are done with the mission and earn its rewards.

So using the above guide below you can find the Film Reel item in Borderlands 3. If you are confused about where to go look for a blinking sign on the streets, look around and you will spot the sign. That is the only way to locate the house with the Film Reel.