Godfall Won’t Have Microtransactions, Hintereclaw Class Revealed

Today the developers of Counterplay Games gave us a new video for Godfall. In this, the Hinterclaw class is introduced to us in more detail. In addition, the game will not have any kind of microtransactions.

One of the first titles announced for PlayStation 5 in the past few months was Godfall, which is currently being developed by the developers of Counterplay Games. Today we received a new video for Godfall, in which the Hinterclaw is one of the classes with which you can throw yourself into the fray.

As producer Richard Heyne understands, Hinterclaw is a class that is primarily aimed at players who want to strike quickly and vigorously on the battlefield. Godfall transports you into a world in which the Aperion is on the brink of doom.

You take control of one of the last surviving Valorian knights. These are described as godlike warriors who can equip themselves with Valorplates – legendary armor sets that make the wearer an unstoppable master of close combat.

Godfall has five weapon classes and offers both PvE and PvP battles. The hunt for better armament and the classic level-ups, with which new skills are unlocked, should particularly motivate you.

Godfall will release for PC and PS5 at the end of this year. As confirmed in the video interview below, Godfall dispenses with both microtransactions and a live service approach. Nevertheless, the title should offer enough content to keep you busy for a long time.