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Godfall New Teaser Trailer Confirms 2020 Release Date

Gearbox has recently revealed another video from the next-gen game Godfall, which will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC at the end of the year.

Announced in 2019, Godfall is a third-person game with a strong component aimed at moving the player in search of weapons and armor of various kinds. As the official website highlights, the aim will be to find legendary weapons.

The trailer, that you can see at the bottom of this news, is dedicated to Silvermane, one of the three protagonists. The teaser is dedicated to the armor of the Lion knight, finely decorated. The aesthetic elements that characterize the style of the game give suggestions related to ancient terrestrial cultures, such as Mayan, Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

This cross of civilizations can be remembered for the title of For Honor, the Ubisoft game, but the mix of fantasy and sci-fi elements also recalls that of the Destiny game. As for the combat system, it would seem closer to Dark Souls or the latest God of War.

The aesthetic research carried out by the developers is accompanied by an innovative gameplay, centered on a peculiar combat system, which will probably require the commitment of the players. The challenge proposed by the game can be faced alone or up to a maximum of three companions at the same time.

We will certainly have a clear picture during the winter holidays, given that as reported by the official website, Godfall will finally be available at that time. Presumably, the release of the title will coincide with the launch of PlayStation 5, and in addition, it will be also available for PC via Epic Games Store.

We’ve seen a few leaked information of Godfall so far and we can see that we’re getting production with combat similar to the Dark Souls series. However, it is hard to make a final judgment, we are waiting for some specific show.