Godfall Developer Claims Leaked Footage Isn’t From PS5

Godfall is an upcoming PlayStation 5 and PC game that had a recent trailer leaked which managed to hype up the game even more. This added to tons of attention garnered for the game as players seem to be eager for this, but as it turns out the trailer wasn’t even a PS5 build.

To clear things out the Godfall twitter account relayed the information that the trailer leaked recently was from a year ago and was a PC build. Sony is keeping most of the things about the PlayStation 5 undercover until next month’s supposed reveal.

You can check out the leaked trailer below, keep in mind that there will be tons of changes and it looks like the developers will enhance the game even more.

[Godfall] [Video] – Full Internal Early 2019 Teaser. Metacritic Journos Scores are a Joke, No this Teaser does not Represent the End Quality. Remember "Get woke go broke" from PS4

This beautiful render of Godfall does not even represent the final build of the game and it looks like we will have a phenomenal title on our hands when it releases.

Godfall was first revealed during E3 2019 and it looks like 2020 will be a big year, as for the  PlayStation 5, we cannot wait to see what more it can bring.

As for right now, there isn’t much information but we will be keeping a close eye on Godfall and keep on reporting as and when new information is released and or leaked.