Best God Of War PC Mods (2023)

These GoW PC mods will change up your visuals and help you with gameplay too!

God of War’s arrival on PC means that the modding community is going to create some amazing as well as hilarious mods. Yes, there are multiple mods available right after the game’s release – modders are fast! In this article, we will take a look at all the best GoW mods that you can download and try from Nexus Mods.

Best God of War Mods for PC

Some of these mods will enhance your gameplay experience while some will elevate the visual quality. Here are some of our favorites in no particular order.

Odin – Reshade

odin reshade
Image source – Nexus Mods

This is a mod that will change the overall look and feel of God of War for you. The tone is dark and grim, much like the game’s theme. It also adds a bit of realism, in my opinion. Be sure to check out the images posted by the creators and if you like what you see, download this mod on your PC.

PATHOS – Atmospheric Reshade

pathos mod gow pc
Image source – Nexus Mods

A different color theme and shading can create a whole new world in the same game. This mod aims to do the same. Pathos is a reshade preset that will give you more immersion with the help of moody lighting and glow. Every new location you unlock and every new discovery is going to hit different with this mod.

Kratos with No Beard and No Eyebrows

kratos no beard mod
Image source – Nexus Mods

Yep, the name says it all. Kratos is a super good-looking man but does having no beard take away his good looks? Will he look equally ferocious without eyebrows? This mod will help you bring your imagination to reality.


HDR reshade mod

This is yet another reshade preset that will change up the tone of the visuals. This time, it gives you HDR and colorful shades. The yellows pop even more, the reds are shinier and the shadow depth is better. Check out the comparison images with HDR reshade turned off and on and make your choice!

God of War FOV Mod

god of war fov mod
Image Source – DEAFPS on Youtube

For those who don’t prefer the current field of view in GoW can get a wider view with this FOV mod. It does affect cutscenes at the time of writing, but there are a few steps that you can do to work around it. Check out the linked guide to know more. This wider FOV is surely going to make your boss fights even more fun so try it out.


gow regrade
Image source – Nexus Mods

Subtle things can make all the difference. In GOW REGRADE, you will get color, shadow enhancement as well as tone mapping sharpness. The comparison pictures have been added at Nexus Mods that you can check out to make a decision. It takes away some of the blue tints and makes it more grey while also notably sharpening up the environment.

Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save

god of war modded starter save
Image source – Nexus Mods

This is the most downloaded GoW mod on Nexus mods at the time of writing. Basically, this will give you modded stats that will give you plenty of health, making New Game+ easier. Plus, it has everything unlocked. Head over to the official page of the mod to know the steps to install and use this mod.

And there you have it – these are some of the best God of War Mods that you can use on PC. More funny and useful mods may be in the creation process right now – when they are out, we will add them to this list.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to read about more mods of other games, be sure to check out more on Gamer Tweak.