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God Of War PC FOV Mod Download

Here's how you can get a wider field of view in God of War on PC.

God Of War PC has finally released and it’s an amazing port. Nvidia DLSS for smoother frames, Reflex for system latency, and enhanced graphical features like occlusion effects, along with 21:9 panoramic ultra-widescreen, makes this the best PlayStation to PC port so far. And now, a FOV mod for the game has also been released. With this Field of View mod, your experience of the game gets a boost, especially if you have Ultra Settings activated as well. Here’s how to download and get the God Of War FOV mod for your PC.


God Of War PC FOV Mod

god of war pc field of view mod

Thanks to u/KingKrouchy on Reddit who has made this custom FOV mod by using a cheat engine table. At the time of writing, it affects cutscenes. But soon enough, the issues may be fixed. You can download the field of view mod from the link posted by the creator here.

The default FOV is very close to the character and many GoW players prefer a wider view. With 100 – 120 FOV set in the mod, you will be able to see a lot more of the surroundings which will benefit you, especially during the boss fights. There’s also an option to set it to 140 FOV but it will stretch out the environment from the sides. So, it’s best to stick to 100 – 105.


Check it out in action here:


As noted by the commenter u/xocollons, the game has a one-shot camera approach which is mostly going to affect every FOV mod. And according to u/HarleyQuinn_RS, there’s a way to toggle the FOV option off during the cutscenes and toggle them back during the gameplay.

Here are the instructions mentioned:

  • Right-click “Disable writing to FOV Address” and select Set/Change Hotkey.
  • Create a Hotkey and assign a key or button combination. You can use a controller.
  • Do the same thing for “Camera FOV”, and set the same bind as the previous hotkey.
  • Now create a second Hotkey for “Camera FOV” but instead of ‘Target freeze’, select ‘Set value’.
  • Underneath, type your desired FoV value and use the same bind as the other hotkeys.
  • Disable both scripts, then press the hotkey button to activate them both simultaneously. Press again to disable.
  • Save the file.

Now, when a cutscene starts, you can disable the FoV mod and allow the game to properly frame the cutscene. Then when it’s over, you can toggle it back on for gameplay.

By doing this, you can enjoy the cutscenes as the devs intended you to while also making the most of this FOV mod. Some players are also suggesting Flawless Widescreen so you can try it out for better FOV as well.

That’s everything about God Of War PC FOV Mod. As more mods are created and released, we will be covering articles about some interesting ones on Gamer Tweak. Meanwhile, be sure to explore more while you are here.