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Rune Factory 5 (RF5) – How To Get To Goblin Archer

Here's our guide on how to get to Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5.

Rune Factory 5 is the newest addition and successor to the franchise. Similar to all the installments, monsters play an important role in this one too. But unlike the previous installments, there are many new gameplay mechanics introduced. If you want to capture the wanted monsters, you need to trigger a quest to capture them. Thus, if you are looking for Goblin Archer you need to track him down first. So, here’s our guide on how to get to Goblin Archer in Rune Factory 5.

Goblin Archer Location in Rune Factory 5


  • Before you track him down, you need to meet Livia to start with the quest.
  • You can find Livia near the Rigbarth Outpost location.
  • As you interact with her, select the “I want to check the wanted monsters list” option.
  • Goblin Archer is one of the first wanted monsters you will encounter and face against.
  • The Goblin Archer is located to the south of the Phoros Woodlands region.
  • Head straight until you see a bridge.
  • When you cross the bridge, head in the right direction into a cavern.
rune factory 5 goblin archer
Image Source – SC AWAKENING on YouTube.
  • You can collect several Amethyst Ore nearby.
  • You will see the Goblin Archer with a highlighted red circle.
  • As it is a level 1 Wanted monster, defeating it will not be that challenging.
  • You need to use the Seal spell before its health bar depletes to zero.
  • Once you have captured the Goblin Archer, return to Livia to receive a reward.
  • You will get a reward of one cooking bread for capturing it.


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