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How To Fix Gimble’s Red and White Balloon In Ooblets

To travel you will have to fix Gimble's Red and White Balloon In Ooblets. Gimble's Balloon is needed to reach Mamoonia. Here is a guide on how to fix Gimble's balloon fast.

Gimble’s Balloon will need fixing in Ooblets if you intend to travel a far distance, especially to get to Mamoonia. The good news is that fixing Gimble’s balloon is pretty straight forward and we have noted down everything that you need to do in Ooblets you get his balloon up in the air.

How To Fix Gimble’s Balloon In Ooblets

Fixing Gimble’s balloon is as easy as smashing rocks in Ooblets provided if you have all the materials already, you meet Gimble as soon as you get off the boat in Badgetown.

If you wish to travel to Mamoonia in Ooblet you will be left with only one choice and that is to fix Gimble’s Balloon as there is no other source of travel that can take you far away to the west side of the map.

  • To find Gimble’s Balloon, find the balloon it is easy to spot it and it will be sporting the colors red and white on it. If you can’t find it, you will need to go to the town map to the left of Meed’s Seeds and look there.
  • To able to fix Gimble’s hot air balloon you will need to restore power to the Oobnet tower, which is one of the tasks that mayor Tinstle sets out for you.

Once you are done with those, you are free to go fix Gimble’s broken hot air balloon. To that you will need the following items:

  • 20 Plankets
  • 8 Clothlets
  • 12 Nurnies
  • 1 Obsidian

To get Plankets you will have to chop up wood and collect keep collecting them, so make sure that you do not ignore the trees around you and start cutting a few of those down. Once you are done with that, you will need clothlets which you can get by foraging.

Nurnies and Oobsidian you can find by breaking rocks and this will pretty much get you all the items that you need. You might have to struggle a bit for Oobsidian but it shouldn’t take much time. You can check out our guide on how to get Oobsidian easily in Ooblets.

After you’re done collecting all these items, all you have to do is to bring them together at the wooden box in front of the hot air balloon. The repair process of the hot air balloon will take an entire day, so please be patient but once it is up and running you will be able to ride it across to another town in the early access version of Ooblets. This is all there is to know about how to fix Gimble’s hot air balloon in Ooblets.