How To Quickly Get Oobsidian In Ooblets

Oobsidian is rare item in Ooblets, in this article we discuss on how to find Oobsidian In Ooblets. Shortcuts to find this item required for Oobcoops.

Oobsidian is one of the rarest material found in Ooblet, so much that the spawn rate cannot even be guessed. Oobsidian is a secret material that is one of the key components of Oobcoops. If you wish to know how to find Oobsidian in Ooblets, read this guide.

How To Quickly Get Oobsidian In Ooblets

You will need Oobsidian to store you different kinds of Ooblets and to have them work on your farm. Now getting Oobsidian isn’t as easy as you think it might be. Especially when no one in the game will tell you where to find it exactly and for this, you will have to do a few things.

  1. First, you should start foraging around Badgetown, this is a lengthy process but the chances are higher of obtaining an Oobsidian if you do this.
  2. Go to the northside of the Badgegtown and start foraging here, if you’re lucky you will be able to find Oobsidian easily over here.
  3. You can also get Oobsidian by spending 100 Wishies at the Wishy Well, make sure that you have enough Wishies, then walk over to the Wishy Well and click on it by pressing the A button or the left mouse button. It will open up a new window.
  4. Scroll here until you find Oobsidian, you will need to spend around 100 Oobdisian and this can be one of the fastest ways to get your hands on the rare material.
  5. You can also try your luck by breaking rocks in Ooblets as well. Though this is a hard and laborious process, a lot of players have earned Oobsidian simply breaking rocks in the game.
  6. You will have to conserve energy as well, breaking rocks takes a lot of and you will need to keep an eye on how much energy you end up spending doing this.
  7. The last thing works if you already have an Oobsidian at your Oobcoop, you will need to place a Glimmering Ooblet inside the Oobcoop. Doing will increase your chances of getting Oobsidian.

That’s about all there is that you need to know about how to get Oobsidian in Ooblets. Make sure to check out how to quickly increase Max Energy in Ooblets.