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How To Deflect Bullets In Ghostrunner

Deflect bullets in Ghostrunner to beat enemies with their own weapons.

Your Ninja character can use his sword to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner, how cool is that? However, doing this in the game is as hard as it is cool. Hence, it is important to learn how to deflect bullets perfectly.


Knowing this mechanic will also help in getting achievement trophies such as “Sword to a gunfight,” “I call it luck,” and “Hit me if you can.” In this guide, we will discuss how to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner.

How to Deflect Bullets in Ghostrunner

You will need a specific ability to deflect bullets in Ghostrunner. Luckily, getting this ability is easy and very early in the game, right after the Tetris puzzle. After completing the puzzle, enter the adjacent room to get the Blink ability.

After this, enter the cyber world and complete a trip. This will unlock the ability to attach modules and give you an option that you can attach. From here, you need to select the ‘Reflect’ ability for deflecting bullets, which will be found in the ‘Deflect’ category. With this ability, if you slash the sword at an appropriate time, it will deflect bullets in Ghostrunner.

use reflect ability to deflect bullets in ghostrunner

You can also deflect the bullets back onto enemies, but you will have to aim for that. The bullet gets slashed back to the location of the crosshair. If you want the deflected bullet to go and hit back the enemies, ensure that the crosshair is on them when you slash the bullet with a sword.


Another thing to note is that you will have to time your slash. The accuracy of deflection depends on how well you time the slash. One of the best ways to make things easier is by using the “Boost” module from the very same pink category. However, unlike Reflect, Boost ability will not be unlocked anytime soon. So make sure to visit the available ability section frequently.

That’s how you deflect bullets in Ghostrunner. This ability will prove to be useful while fighting against multiple enemies at once. However, this cannot solely help you defeat all your foes, especially the high-level ones such as Hel and Mara Boss. You can refer to our guides on how to beat Hel and Mara Boss in Ghostrunner.