How To Beat Hel In Ghostrunner

Hel in Ghostrunner is one of the toughest boss. Not only do you have to get close to Hel but there's more to defeat her. Check it out here

Hel is in Ghostrunner is one of the toughest bosses that you will encounter and she can be very difficult to fight against if you’re not well prepared with a good strategy. A lot of players have been confused as to how to defeat and if you’re having trouble too then look no further as this guide will show you exactly how to defeat Hel in Ghostrunner.

How To Defeat Hel In Ghostrunner

Hel can be a persistent boss in Ghostrunner that will attack you relentlessly giving you absolutely no chances of fighting back, but there’s a strategy that we’ve discovered that helped us take her down easily.

By easily we do not mean one-hit-kill her, but you get the point. We could inflict damage and bring her down but before you can do that you will have to understand the attack patterns on Hel.

Before the fight begins, you will have to chase her down and as soon as you get towards the end of the train compartment, interact with the green terminal. Hel’s attacks can be incredibly powerful and fast so keep an eye on how she attacks and what to do.

ghostrunner hel boss fight

To begin with, at long range Hel is invincible and if you think that you can take her down from afar then I’m sorry it’s almost impossible. I say this because with even a little bit of distance between you and Hel and she will start raining hellfire upon you with all her fury, so get close.

As the fight starts, you should be on counter defense and this means that you will have to parry her attacks. As soon as you parry 4 of her attacks, Hel’s stamina will drop down leaving you with a window of opportunity to attack.

Hel in Ghostrunner will give you a run for your money, so make sure to always be on your toes or else you will have to start the fight once again.

Use this small window to attack her once and then get back on the counter defense. If Hel manages to even land a single hit on you. Hel will run onto another platform and hit you with projectiles. This means that you will have to get close to her once again.

Make sure to wait until she’s fired off her projectiles before you wall run and get to her platform. Once near her repeat the process of parrying her attacks and then landing one of your own. Do this until she’s at the last of her health and she’ll start using more powerful attacks on you.

During this phase, her attacks get stronger and faster so be quick to react and then take her down with a final hit. This is all there is to know about how you can defeat Hel in Ghostrunner.

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