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How To Beat Mara Boss In Ghostrunner

This is how to beat Mara boss in Ghostrunner. Find the ways to counter her attacks and defeat her easily.

How to defeat Mara boss in Ghostrunner is the question on the minds of many players. Defeating her is easy if you know what exactly to do. That is where this guide comes in. We will explain how to beat Mara boss in Ghostrunner and all the tips, tricks and strategies for the same.


Ghostrunner: How to Defeat Mara (Boss Battle Guide)


You will get into this boss battle in The Summit level and interestingly, only Dash will be functional for you. There will be three phases with different attacks from Mara Boss in Ghostrunner. Here’s how to counter them.

In the first phase, you have to dodge her sweeping attacks by jumping over her arms. You can also move away if that is possible at that point. She will also try to slam her arm on the ground and even grab you – counter it by quickly dashing away from it. During her grounded wave attack, you can jump and avoid any damage easily.

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Now, what you need to do to lower her health is to make her arm strike the electricity boxes. You can do that that dodging at the right time when she does her piercing strikes. When you do it correctly, her arm will get stuck which is when you can cut it.

In the next part of the fight, she will electrify a section of the field, so you need to move to the non-electrified section immediately. When she ends up electrifying the entire field, though, you need to get up on the walls and keep grappling from one wall to another until it is safe to come down again. She will also use attacks that will go underground and unleash AOE damage so make sure to dodge those well. Meanwhile, keep attacking her at every chance you get.

Finally, Mara will reveal a moving electric field that you need to continually dodge. Keep doing this to beat Mara boss in Ghostrunner.