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Ghost of Tsushima Arrow Guide – How to Deflect them and Unlock More Arrows

Arrows are commonly used during combat in Ghost of Tsushima, you can also deflect an arrow in the game. Here is a guide on how to do that and also how to find more arrows.

Bow and Arrow after Swords are the most common and lethal weapons in Ghost of Tsushima. A quiet long-range weapon that can help you to take down enemies from distant. But arrows supply is limited so you have to find more during the game. In this guide, I am going to share tips on how to find arrows in Ghost of Tsushima. As it is attached with arrows you can also learn how to deflect arrows in Ghost of Tsushima to avoid damage.

Where to find Arrows in Ghost of Tsushima?

Scan the dead bodies, you can grab the arrows from the corpses of enemies. This will save your valuable time and add some in your inventory. Also there are other corpses around various region scan them for supplies.

Second way to get arrows in Ghost of Tsushima is finding archer caches. Commonly located in practice zones, the cache will refill your inventory of arrows to full. This is the second way to find arrows, third way is to check in forts. Commonly guarded by soldiers you can unlock some free weapon supplies in forts.

Finally, the last way to find arrows in Ghost of Tsushima is by trading Trapper. You can also buy other weapons like Kunai’s a small blade to stagger enemies.  Trappers are commonly found in villages and towns. You can carry up to 5 arrows during the start. This is kind of low number but you can upgrade the slots to carry more arrows in Ghost of Tsushima.

To upgrade the arrow inventory find a Trapper and interact with them to unlock new upgrades. There will be a cost for everything. Animal hide is the best currency to use here, it can be from any animal.

Where to find Deflect Arrows in Ghost of Tsushima?

Deflecting arrows can be a useful skill in the Ghost of Tsushima. For this, you will have to unlock the Samurai Technique upgrade. It is locked in the Deflection tree and you will have to unlock at-least one to access the ability. Using Technique points you can unlock deflect arrow ability in Ghost of Tsushima

Look for Deflect Arrow skills and once unlocked Hold L1 when you are attacked. The skill is applied automatically allowing you to deflect arrows shot by enemies. A kind of important skill that will help you to avoid HP lose at the battlefield.

So this is how you can deflect arrows in Ghost of Tsushima, also the first tip above can help you to find more arrows in the game.