How to Use Kunai in Ghost of Tsushima – Tips to Stun Enemies

Kunai is a simple yet highly effective weapon in Ghost of Tsushima, it can be used to stun enemies and here is a guide on how to use it.

Among various weapons in Ghost of Tsushima, Kunai is a small blade that can be thrown quickly on nearby enemies. When thrown it can stagger them and allow you a chance to hit them with max power. So using Kunai can be a live saver during boss fights and battles in Ghost of Tsushima. Kunai can also be used to kill enemies fast. So here is a guide on how to use Kunai to kill enemies fast in Ghost of Tsushima.

Controls to use Kunai in Ghost of Tsushima and Stun Enemies

Press R2 + Left D-pad to equip Kunia and then press R1 to throw Kunia. The left stick can be used to adjust the direction of the throw. It has to be instant when enemies are approaching you. Stunning them is a common mechanism that gives you a few seconds window to plan your next attack or to revive yourself if you are low on HP.

So first equip Kunia and then use the Left Analog-stick to point it towards the enemy. Press R1 to hit and the enemy is stagger for a short while. Now you can use your best possible weapon or move to hit to cause max damage.

Kunai is the weapon that plays a vital role in Staggering enemies in Ghost of Tsushima. Thankfully it works on everyone and you can also use it against a group of enemies. Yes if you are attacked by a group then it is not like you stagger only one enemy, you can stun multiple by throwing more than one Kunai at them.

By throwing more than on Kunai you can either choose to fight or run away to save your life. Steps to throw multiple Kunai is same, just equip the weapon first and then use the left analog key to adjust the throw projectile direction. Press R1 to hit them.

Kunai falls in the Ammo and Resources category of the game, you can buy this from traders in the game. Kunai’s are found in buildings, forts, and chests. You will have to explore different regions to keep your inventory filled, it is not like you have an unlimited supply of Kunai’s in Ghost of Tsushima. So here is how you can use Kunai and kill or stun enemies instantly.

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