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Getting A Top Score in Cheer Park Shooting Range: PUBG Mobile

Improve your shooting skills and reach the top on the leader-boards with this guide

Cheer Park is the newest training room in PUBG Mobile. It was a welcoming addition to the game with the latest 0.18.0 update. You can invite your friends over in the Park, challenge one another to friendly duels, chat, dance, relax, and roast chickens together. After participating in constant blood-thirsty battles, Cheer Park is the perfect calming relief for the players. But the main spotlight of the Cheer Park is the Shooting Range.

You can practice target shooting here with no enemies to worry about. There is a separate lobby for Cheer Park’s target shooting, where you can have your name listed on the top. All you have to do is take down as many targets as you can, within a specified time frame. Here is a guide to help you achieve a top score and reach the top in the leaderboards.


Tips on getting a top score in Cheer Park Shooting Range

Keep Your Calm

PUBG entertains millions of gamers every day, but not everyone is here to play. You will often come across such imbeciles who are just there to annoy other players. They will come and drive over you, throw grenades at you unnecessarily, come and stand between you and your targets, and every such activity that will make you lose your calm. Do not give in to such idiots, remember this – their actions will not affect your score, so keep practicing. Bear a hawkeye to your targets and a blind eye to idiots.


Pickup the best weapons

If you have been a long time PUBG player, you are probably well versed with every weapon in the game. But if you aren’t, do not worry we got you covered – here is a guide to the best weapon combinations that you must have in PUBG. Shotguns and pistols are ruthless short-range killers that are not good at taking aims at distant or small targets. Mini, M4, and AWM are the best options for target shooting.
If you wish to snipe like a professional, these tips on sniping in PUBG will surely come in handy. You will also be required to have the perfect scope and suppressors to accompany your weapons, hence try to keep a keen eye for these add-ons as well.

Aim for the head


Headshots get you maximum points in target shooting practices. The dummy targets are marked with the score points, the highest being at the head of it. If you are able to master the skills on perfect headshots in practice, it will not only give you maximum points in Cheer Park’s target practice but also add on to your skills in the actual Battle Royale.

Reduce your Recoil

This is a time-based event, hence you have to save as much time as you can in shooting the maximum number of targets – this would mean saving time on recoil as well. Taking a prone position restricts your elbow movement and hence reduces the recoil felt by your player. This way you can save a few milliseconds of recoil with every shot you take at the target. If you are wondering how will saving a mere amount of time like this help you get a good score, try and do the math. You will be surprised to know that you save at least 10-12s which you can utilize in taking down more targets.



One of the most important tips that you can take from this guide – practice is the most you will need. And Cheer Park was built just for this purpose. Focus on honing your skills at time dominating practices and you will soon observe an improvement in your gameplay. You cannot make it to the top of the leaderboard unless you practice more and more, and do it the right way.

Here you have it, this is all there is to know about the strategies of a top scorer in PUBG. The Cheer Park will prove to be an important addition to the game and will surely garner more and more fans over time.