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What Are The Best Weapon Combinations In PUBG?

List of the best weapon combinations in PUBG

PUBG boasts of a massive library of weapons, each having unique firepower and purpose. When these weapons are combined strategically, they can be your best allies in the game. Ranging from close, mid, and long-distance shooting, these weapons can be found randomly scattered on the maps. In this PUBG guide, you will learn all about the best weapon combinations that you can use.

Best Weapon Combo in PUBG

Your very first task upon landing from the airdrop is to search for weapons in crates, under the tables, inside the houses, in the watchtower sheds, or snatching them away from your enemies after knocking them down. None of these efforts will hold any value if you are not aware of the nature of weapons you are carrying.

Imagine taking out a shotgun and firing it at a far distant enemy you just saw on your screen, this would indeed be a hilarious sight for your fellow teammates and enemies included. You will end up blowing your cover and eventually be sniped down by a player who knows what weapon has to be used in this situation. If you would rather like to eliminate such possibilities of shaming yourself, here is all there is to know about every single weapon in PUBG along with the best combinations that you should carry around with you.


All Gun Types in PUBG

Pistols (close range): Flare Gun, P92, P1911, 9mm, P18C, Skorpion, R45, Deagle, R1895

Assault Rifles (long range): Beryl M762, SCAR-L, Groza, AKM, M16A4, AUG A3, G36C, M416, QBZ95, Beryl M762, Mk47 Mutant

Bow (mid-range): Crossbows

SG (Shotgun) (short-range): S686, S1897, DBS, Sawed-off, S12K

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) (mid-range): Mini 14, SKS, SLR, QBU, VSS Vintorez, Mk14 EBR

SR (Sniper Rifles) (long-range): Winchester model 1894, AWM, Karabiner 98 Kurz, Mosin Nagant, M24

LMG (Light Machine Gun) (close to mid-range): DP-28, M-249

SMG (Submachine Guns) (close to mid-range): Micro UZI, Tommy Gun, PP-19 Bizon, MP5K, UMP45, Vector

Good PUBG Weapon Combinations

Every weapon type has a specific purpose in the game, forcing a single weapon to fulfill all your shooting requirements will just lead to misfiring, wasted ammo, and a bad game experience. Rather, a practice combining various weapons to create combinations that serve your gameplay methods. Combining close and mid-range weapons with a long-range weapon, keeping in mind the attacking power of each weapon is the perfect way to build your own roster of weapons. And if you are finding it difficult to make one, we have listed the best possible weapons combination in PUBG –

  • Sniper and Assault Rifle
  • Crossbow and DMRs
  • Shotgun and SMGs
  • Assault Rifle and LMGs
  • LMGs and Shotgun
  • Sniper and Shotgun
  • Crossbow and Shotgun
  • DMRs and Sniper
  • SMGs and Assault Rifle
  • DMRs and Assault Rifle
  • LMGs and Crossbow

These are the best weapon combinations in PUBG that will help your gameplay improve and ascend in your rankings. Along with knowing all the combinations, you should have a good amount of practice at shooting them. Read our guides to improve your shooting and sniping skills in PUBG.