How To Get Wings In Fae Farm

Here is all you need to do to unlock and get Wings in Fae Farm.

You must have seen characters having Wings in the game trailer, but even after meeting all the vendors, you can’t get Wings in Fae Farm. Now that is because there is only one place from where you can get Wings as of now. And to reach and even unlock Wings, you’ll have to complete some challenges and collect a few ingredients.

Wings aren’t sold for money, they have to be exchanged for common to rare items. The purchase requirements differ with the Wings. But they will not only make your character look magical but also help you jump the huge gaps between lands. So read along and unlock Wings in Fae Farm.

How to Unlock Fairy Wings in Fae Farm

How to Unlock Wings in Fae Farm
Image Credit: Finaq on YouTube

To unlock Wings you have to complete the Chapter 4 quest “Raising Expectations”. You get this quest from the Wisp Mother, whom you find in the north of Homestead. These are three goals in the quest:

  • Crafting and Placing Lowlands Critter Conservatory
  • Collecting 3 Flutter Dust
  • Delivering Flutter Dust to Wisp Mother.

Once you deliver the Flutter Dust to the Wisp Mother, you’ll get your first pair of Wings.

How Do You Get Flutter Dust in Fae Farm

You get Flutter Dust from the Lowlands Critter Conservatory. That is built using 5 Beech Lumber, 5 Stone Brick, 20 Plant Fibers, and 20 Silt. Once you have crafted it, catch some butterflies and place them in the Conservatory. You’ll get Flutter Dust in sometimes. Take the Flutter Dust to Wisp Mother and complete the quest.

How Do You Fly in Fae Farm

Using Wings is simple, just jump twice and you’ll be able to use it. Now, once you have unlocked the first Wings and used them, you might be thinking of unlocking other pairs. So collect these most common ingredients that are exchanged for Wings: Polished Aquamarine, Flutter Dust, and flowers. Which will also include hybrid flowers, so check out our flower breeding guide and grow the required flowers.

That’s all on how to get Wings in Fae Farm. If you are new to the game and are looking for guides to learn all mechanisms, then you should check out Fae Farm guides. We have covered ways to get Fodder, grow flowers, and more.