How To Breed Flowers In Fae Farm

Here is a flower breeding guide for Fae Farm. Read along to grow unique flowers.

Unlock and breed flowers in Fae Farm to master the Farming skill. There are over 70 flowers that you can grow by purchasing their seeds or breeding and crafting their seeds in the game. Without giving spoilers, these flowers are more precious than they seem at the beginning. As you progress, you’ll learn why we need them. And why exactly do their type and color matter? So keep reading and learn to breed flowers in this game.

If you are curious about the flowers you can breed using base color flowers, then you should first check this list of Hybrid Flowers. They wouldn’t grow at once, so you’ll have to keep trying till you get the flower you want.

How to Breed Flowers in Fae Farm Guide

How to Breed Flowers in Fae Farm Guide
Image Credit: Alexi Giovani on YouTube

First purchase all the flower seeds from both the vendors Rosalind & Asphodel or at least two different flower seeds. All six flower seeds that you purchase come in different colors, but can be bred to unlock the other eleven colors. To breed the new variety, place 3×3 grind Flower Beds.

  • Except for the middle space, fill others with two kinds of flowers. You can also leave the middle 3 spaces to get more at once.
  • By placing 5×5 Flower Soil Beds, you can fill three lines with one type of flower and let the empty part grow new varieties. To put it simply, plant flowers in the first, third, and fifth lines.
  • Water them regularly and wait till they bloom.
  • Now, there is a chance that a new variety will grow in the middle space within a few days.
  • Based on the two flowers, you’ll see four combinations of breeding. For example, if you breed a Red Tulip with a White Lily, there is a chance that you will get a Pink Lily, Pink Tulip, Red Lily, or White Tulip.
  • You can further breed them with different colors to get other colors of it.
  • You might not succeed in the first attempt, so keep repeating these steps till you finally create a new species.

That’s all on how to breed flowers in Fae Farm. The game is filled with interesting and unique things for players to explore. So if you are curious and want to learn more about it, you should check out our Video Game guides. We have covered ways to get Frost Beet and also explained how you can use the Magical Ability of Iron Pickaxe.