How To Use Pickaxe Magical Ability In Fae Farm

Not sure how to use Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm? Read along to learn.

Want to mine faster? Use the Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm to do that. As you progress through the chapters and skills, you’ll unlock tools with magical ability. One such tool is Pickaxe, with one upgrade, you’ll get to infuse it with magical ability. And it will make mining more easier in areas like Saltwater Mines. So read along and learn to get and use this tool ability in the game.

Fae Farm offers a bunch of different activities like farming, mining, potion making, fishing, and so on. And all with their list of quests to explore. You’ll discover unique, strange, and mysterious items as you complete them, and to finish them you’ll need to upgrade and get better and better tools. So once you have unlocked and used the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability, check our other game guides.

How to Use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm

How to Use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm
Image Credit: Finaq on YouTube
  • Go to someplace like Saltwater Mines or Floating Runes.
  • Look for the rock you want to mine, and place the arrow on it.
  • To use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability on Nintendo Switch press Y. And to use it on PC press F.
  • When you press the button, the rock will get surrounded by a 3×3 grid frame and you’ll hit it destroying everything within the grid.
  • The skill will consume Mana, so make sure you are equipped with Mana Potions.

How to Get an Iron Pickaxe

Now that you know how to use the ability, you might be wondering about how to get it in the game, if you haven’t. This magical ability is part of Iron Pickaxe, so you have to first upgrade your Pickaxe to the Iron Pickaxe. For that, collect some Iron Ores and then go to the Blacksmith. Pay him some Gold and upgrade your Pickaxe.

Hopefully, this helped you and got to use the Iron Pickaxe Magical Ability in Fae Farm. If it did, and are looking for more topics of this game. Check out how to get Frost Beet and use Fae Farm’s Eye Icon.