How To Get The Well-Worn Hair Band In Zelda TOTK

Not a fan of Link's new hairstyle? Here is our guide on how you can get Well-Worn Hair Band in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

While most of the changes and upgrades in Tears Of The Kingdom were well-received some kept players on the edge. Chief in the changes was Link’s appearance, mostly with the new arm and the new default hairstyle. While the arm was a need because of its unique in-game abilities, the hair, was not so much. Players prefer the hairstyle Link donned back in BOTW. And this time around if you have to change it, you will have to get your hands on a little piece of headgear called a Well-Worn Hair Band. Though it has no defensive protection, this hair band is purely an accessory to bring back the nostalgic character hairstyle. Wondering where it is then, here is our guide on how you can get the Well-Worn Hair Band in Zelda TOTK.

Where to Find Well-Worn Hair Band in Zelda TOTK

zelda's secret well in tears of the kingdom
Image Source: Gamer Guru on YouTube

To find the Well-Worn Hair Band in Zelda TOTK, players will have to visit Link’s house which he acquires from Bolson in the previous installment. The house is located in Hateno Village in East Necluda region (3318, -2280, 0130). Once you come across it, head inside and follow the steps given below

  • Once inside, find one of Zelda’s diary entries. She will tell you about the secret room she had Bolson construct.
  • After reading the entry, head outside and locate a well around the house.
  • You will come across Zelda’s Secret Well.
  • Climb down the ladder of the well where you will find yourself on a wooden platform.
  • To the left of the workstation is a chest.
  • Once you open the chest, you will have your hands on the Well-Worn Hair Band.

As mentioned before, the hair band has no armor value and is not upgradeable. It is just equipped to customize Link’s appearance in the game.

That’s everything covered on how you can get the Well-Worn Hair Band in Zelda TOTK. If you are looking around for different armor sets like Phantom, Charged, Hylian, or Ember, we recommend you check out our guides on them.

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