Type Soul: How To Unlock & Use Voltstanding

Want to be the strongest Quincy in Type Soul? With the help of Voltstanding, you now can!

As a Quincy, you should unlock and get the Voltstanding ability in Type Soul. In the main series, Voltstanding allowed its users to retain their powers and use them repeatedly. There you needed a Quincy Emblem to unlock this power. But in this game, the process is nowhere as easy. It is quite straightforward but you will need to grind a lot of Exp for it. So here is what you need to do:

How to Get Voltstanding

how to get Voltstanding in Type Soul
Image Credit: globalfelony on YouTube

To get Voltstanding, you need to reach the Elite Grade ranking as a Quincy. It can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days roughly to reach this rank.

  1. Start by leveling up from Grade 5 to Semi-Grade 1. You can easily climb up these ranks by just completing Quincy board missions and getting its Exp.
  2. Next, rank up from Semi Grade 1 to Elite Grade. Aside from the Quincy board missions, the Exp needed to climb up can be earned by killing Hollow NPCs and doing raids.
  3. Now, go to the Wandenreich castle.
  4. Reach the top and talk to Balance to get the Voltstanding ability.

How good is Voltstanding in Type Soul?

Voltstanding is the ultimate ability for Quincy in this game. It is equivalent to a Bankai for a Soul Reaper or a Partial Resurrecion for an Arrancar. You can use Voltstanding against mobs of enemies to clear them easily. Or it can also be used against other players that are trying to kill you.

Now that you have unlocked Voltstanding, you have become one of the most powerful Quincy in the game. In case you are not happy with your abilities, you can use a Soul Ticket to change your race and start all over again. If you choose to be a Hollow this time then check out our guide on how to get to Hueco Mundo. And for more things on this game check out our Type Soul section.