How To Get Vile Powder In Terraria

Here's how you can make & get Vile Powder in Terraria easily.

As we all know Terraria is one of the legendary and most popular Sandbox games. Players will come across a lot of objectives which consist of crafting, fighting, and many more adventures. Speaking of crafting, many players are struggling to make the Vile Powder. This powder is one of the Thrown powders that you can use in the game. It has the ability to Corrupt and it is also usually used to make Worm Food. If you’re unaware of the recipe to make & get Vile Powder in Terraria, then we’ve got you covered.

How to Craft Vile Powder in Terraria

How To Get Vile Powder Terraria

Here’s everything you need to know about how to craft and get Vile Powder in Terraria easily.

  • The first way to obtain Vile powder is by crafting it by using the Vile Mushrooms. These mushrooms are found on the grass in the corrupt world easily. The Vile Mushrooms serves the one and only purpose which is crafting Vile Powder. After collecting them simply head to the Alchemy Table and you’ll be good to go. Players can make 5 Vile Powder from 1 Vile Mushroom.
  • Another way to get the Vile powder in Terraria is by purchasing it from the Dryad NPC Under a Blood Moon in a Corrupt world. She’ll offer you 1 Vile Powder for 1 Silver coin.

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These are all the ways to craft and obtain Vile Powder easily. Other than making Worm Food, now you can easily turn blocks and walls into a corrupt form. That also includes converting stones such as Pearlstone into Ebonstone. And Bunny, Goldfish, and Penguin into Corrupt Bunny, Corrupt Goldfish, and Corrupt Penguin. However, it won’t work on a Bunny wearing a hat. That sums up everything about getting the Vile Powder in Terraria. While you’re here check out how you can stop Corruption in the game.