How To Get & Use The Tuxedo In Sons Of The Forest

Want a new drip? Check out our guide on how to get and use the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest features a plethora of outfits or cosmetic clothing items that you can find and wear. Unlike its predecessor, outfits have three stats that have different effects on the players. The Tuxedo is one of the outfits that seemingly has an increased comfort stat. While this white Tuxedo has low water resistance, it can help keep you warm around snowy mountains. But as players scavenge around the island, they are unable to find this outfit. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get and use the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get the Tuxedo in Sons of the Forest (Location)

get use tuxedo sons of the forest
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.

You can get the Tuxedo inside the inland Maintenance A bunker where you found the Maintenance keycard. You can find this bunker to the northeast of the map. But as this bunker is buried, you must use a Shovel to dig and find the Hatch to get inside.

So, follow the below steps to get to the Tuxedo:

  • Head to the location by using your GPS tracker. As you reach the location, you will find the site to dig out.
  • Use your shovel and keep on digging until you find a Hatch to interact.
  • Once you interact with the map, you will find an entrance to the buried “Maintenance A” bunker.
  • Then, climb down the ladder and head straight through the narrow passage.
  • Keep on heading straight through the corridors until you find an already open door.
  • Enter the unlocked room and head inside its bedroom by walking straight.
  • Over there, you can find a Bathroom attached to the Bedroom interior.
  • Lastly, walk inside the Bathroom to find the Tuxedo laying beside the bathtub and the corpse.
  • You can pick up the Tuxedo outfit by pressing the E key button.

How to Use the Tuxedo

Similar to other outfits, you can wear and use the Tuxedo from the Inventory section in Sons of the Forest.

  • You can press the I key button to open your inventory section and don this outfit.
  • Alternatively, you can also give the white Tuxedo outfit to Kelvin.
  • As it has high comfort and warmth stats, you can wear it around extreme cold and icy regions.
  • But we recommend not using and wearing it while swimming as it has low waterproofing stats.

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