How To Farm Arrowleaf In Sons of the Forest

Here is how you can get Arrowleaf around the forest to craft your items with, in Sons of the Forest.

There are many resources to collect in Sons of the Forest, one such resource is the Arrowleaf. This is a rare plant that grows in a very specific location. Surviving can be tough in the deep wild forest, you will need all the resources that you can get. Let’s learn more about one of these resources known as the Arrowleaf.

How to Find Arrowleaf in Sons of the Forest

arrowleaf location sons of the forest
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As you play Sons of the forest, you are going to learn about certain items and learn how they require certain resources to make like Arrowleaf.

Arrowleaf is a yellow flowering plant that can be used to make an Energy Mix when combined with Chicory. Energy is important to keep up with in this game. A lot of times when you are being attacked by enemies, you will need a lot of energy to fight them off or to get away.

You can find Arrowleaf at specific locations around the map in Sons of the Forest, refer to the picture above to understand exactly where. Once you are in the area, look for bright yellow flowers. They will be on ground level and bunched up together. This is an Arrowleaf, you can interact with it and pick it up, making it go into your inventory.

Once you have collected all the Arrowleaf you need, head back to your base and you can now make items like an Energy Mix. Arrowleaf is a rare and useful resource and you should take care to not waste it once you acquire it.

That is all you need to know on how to find Arrowleaf in Sons of the Forest. For more guides like this check out our other articles like how to get and use coins and how to carry more logs in Sons of the Forest.