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Terraria Turtle Armor Set (Crafting Guide)

If you want to increase your melee attacks and decrease damage taken, then craft this Turtle Armor set of Terraria.

Terraria’s Turtle Armor set is one of the most opted outfits in the game. The set offers various buffs and is a necessary ingredient for the Beetle set. The armor consists of three wearables: Turtle Helmet, Turtle Leggings, and Turtle Scale Mail. They are yellow rarity items, which can be sold for coins too. All set items require just two ingredients, but collecting those ingredients is difficult, so read along and learn what these items are and how to get them. And also get to know which crafting station is used for forging this set.

How to Craft Turtle Armor Set in Terraria

Terraria Turtle Armor Guide

Turtle armor is a Hardmode set that becomes available after you have defeated three mechanical bosses: The Destroyer, The Twins, and Skeletron Prime. This Terraria Turtle armor set is crafted on Mythril Anvil or Orichalcum Anvil. And it requires a Chlorophyte Bar and Turtle Shell. Mythril Anvil is crafted with a Mythril Bar in Iron or Lead Anvil. Similarly, Orichalcum Anvil uses Orichalcum Bar and is crafted in Iron or Lead Anvil.

Chlorophyte Bars are crafted from Chlorophyte Ores that players can collect from Underground Jungle. You need 5 Chlorophyte Ore to forge Chlorophyte Bar, and it is crafted on Adamantite Forge or Titanium Forge. Players must forge 12 Chlorophyte Bar for Turtle Helmet, 18 for Turtle Leggings, and 24 for Turtle Scale Mail. Total 54 Chlorophyte Bars are needed for crafting Turtle Armor in Terraria.

The second ingredient, Turtle Shell is a Lime color rarity item with more than a 5% chance of drop. This shell is dropped by Giant Tortoise, a Hardmode enemy which appears in Jungle and Underground Jungle. The drop rate is the same for all game modes, so you will have to grind to collect this item. Once you have collected all the ingredients, place them on Anvil to create the armor set and then use them for the Beetle set.

With this, you can now collect the ingredients to craft Turtle Armor in Terraria. If you are interested in learning about other armor sets of the game, then read the armor guide and check our Terraria guide list to find more useful items.