How To Get Trailblazer Fire MC In Honkai Star Rail

Paarth Wadke
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The Trailblazer MC is initially a Physical-type character, however, you can turn it into a Fire-type version in Honkai Star Rail. This fire-type version has the Preservation route. Trailblazer’s strong attacks and tanky build can help you beat many strong enemies. But first, you must progress in the main storyline to get this Fire version.

Honkai Star Rail: How To Get Trailblazer Fire MC

Fight Coolio get Trailblazer Fire in HSR

In Honkai Star Rail, players must complete the story mode in Jarilo-VI of the Trailblazer storyline to get the Preservation route and the Trailblazer Fire type. You will get it during the final boss battle with Cocolia on Jarilo-VI.

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Once you beat the boss, you can switch between Trailblazer’s Physical and Fire types with the help of the Light Cones.

Trailblazer Fire Powers and Abilities

The Trailblazer’s Fire version MC is one of the best Honkai Star Rail characters to have on your team. It is a tanky build that can take a lot of hits. With the Fire element, it can inflict heavy damage. You can use it in the role of a Weakness Breaker of your team and deplete Toughness bars. Moreover, it can also generate shields to protect the team. Even though the shield is weaker than other shield generators, it can be pretty useful against strong bosses to minimize damage.

Here are Trailblazer MC Fire abilities in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Basic ATK: Ice-Breaking Light
    • Inflicts Fire Damage equal to 50% of Trailblazer’s ATK. The enhanced version using four Magma Will stacks will inflict 90% of ATK.
  • Skill: Ever-Burning Amber
    • Increases the damage reduction by 42% and gains one stack of Magma Will. 100% Base chance to Taunt all enemies for one round.
  • Ultimate: Flaming Lance Behind Enemy Lines
    • Inflicts Fire Damage equal to 60% of Trailblazer’s Def to all enemies. Enhances the next Basic ATK without any Magma Will.
  • Talent: Treasure of the Architects
    • Gains one stack of Magma Will every time Trailblazer gets hit (Max 8 stacks). Enhances Basic ATK at four or more stacks, dealing DMG to a single or adjacent enemy. Applies a Shield to all allies after using a Basic, Skill, or Ultimate.
  • Technique: Call of the Guardian
    • Generate a Shield that blocks DMG equal to 50% of Trailblazers DEF at the start of the next battle.

With these solid skills, the Fire version of Trailblazer can beat many strong bosses and enemies. That’s all you need to do to get Trailblazer Fire in Honkai Star Rail. To use this character to the best of its ability, make sure you check out how to get Trailblaze ability.