How To Get To Toussaint In Witcher 3 (Blood & Wine DLC)

Unable to start the Blood and Wine DLC? Check out our guide on how to get to Toussaint in Witcher 3.

Along with the New-gen update, there are two more expansion packs you can buy and complete in Witcher 3. This includes the Blood & Wine and the Heart of Stone expansion DLC. Speaking of Blood and Wine is one of the biggest DLC expansions for the game. It features a vast region of Toussaint where most of the quests are set. But several players are confused as there are some prerequisites to get to this location. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to get to the Toussaint in Witcher 3.

How to Get to Toussaint in Witcher 3

You can start with the expansion by selecting the “Blood & Wine only” DLC from the Main Menu. But there are some prerequisites you need to complete to gain access to the Touissant region.

how to get to toussaint witcher 3
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Follow the below steps to reach Toussaint in Witcher 3:

  • You need to complete the “A Poet Under Pressure” quest at Novigrad.
  • Then, head over to the Mulbrydale Notice board at Velen to start with the Envoys Wineboys quest.
  • To start this quest, you need to meet the knights at the Stonecutters’ Settlement in Holloway.

how to get to toussaint witcher 3

  • Once you have completed this quest, you will gain access to the Toussaint region.

Now, you can complete the other main and secondary quests in Witcher 3. While it is a pretty easy quest, be weary of the Bandits and Zorg enemies that you will encounter. If you find dealing with these enemies too easy, you can enable the Enemy upscaling to raise the difficulty level. The recommended level to complete the Envoys Wineboys quest is 34 level. But you can start with this quest even at an earlier level.

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