What Is Enemy Upscaling In Witcher 3 (Explained)

Want to adjust the power level of your enemies? Check out our guide that explains what is enemy upscaling in Witcher 3.

The most recent Net-gen update brought several changes to the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. The update included several Netflix-themed content, graphical improvements, and more. This update also includes some old recurring gameplay mechanics, elements, and settings. One of these includes Enemy Upscaling which increases the power level of your enemies. But some players are slightly confused about enabling this option. Not to worry, check out our guide that explains everything about Enemy Upscaling in Witcher 3 and how to turn it Off or On.

What is Witcher 3 Enemy Upscaling

The Enemy Upscaling is a setting under the Gameplay Options that balances the power level of the low-tier enemies. As you enable this option, the enemies that you will encounter will scale to your power level. This setting automatically balances the power level scaling to match it with Geralt’s level.

enemy upscaling witcher 3

It also increases the loot depending on your level. Furthermore, eliminating these foes also rewards you with additional XP. And you can use this to level up Geralt faster. Having said that, Enemy upscaling also increases the difficulty level in dealing with and defeating these foes. Nevertheless, it is a suitable option for the veteran or skilled players.

But how to disable the enemy upscaling in Witcher 3? Scroll till the end to find out.

How to Turn Off the Enemy Upscaling

Follow the below steps to disable this setting:

  • Hit the Pause Button and head to the Options.
  • Then, hit the Gameplay and navigate to the Enemy Upscaling.

enemy upscaling witcher 3

  • Toggle the option to turn off the Enemy upscaling setting.

If you find it too challenging, you can also switch back to equal-leveled enemies by enabling this option. As you disable the Enemy upscaling, you will miss out on the additional XP and increased loot. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

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