How Do I Fast Travel In Witcher 3?

Take a look at the controls to Fast Travel to another area in Witcher 3 easily.

The Witcher franchise has gained quite a lot of popularity over time. After the release of the successful Netflix series known as Witcher more audiences were attracted to it. There are various things you can do in this open-world game that can keep you engaged for hours. However, as the map is pretty huge no one wants to keep running back and forth all the time to complete the quests. In this case, you can always cut short the travel time by fast traveling in the game. So without any further ado let’s see how you can Fast Travel in Witcher 3 easily.

How to Use Fast Travel in Witcher 3? (Controls)

How To Fast Travel In Witcher 3
Picture Credits: GrubMagnet Gaming

In order to Fast Travel in Witcher 3, you’ll need to interact with the Signposts available on the map. Before that make sure you have unlocked the Signpost of the area you want to teleport to. That can be done by discovering a new area and exploring it for a bit.

  • Once done, simply go near the Signpost spawned on the map and interact with it by pressing A.
  • Doing so will initiate the map with all the previously unlocked signposts. You can easily identify them by their green color symbol.
  • Now go ahead and choose one of the Signposts of the preferable place you want to fast travel to and press A.
  • And that’s it, after a few seconds of loading time, you’ll be teleported to another area.
  • Players can also go to another region available in the game by pressing Y to initiate the world map and then selecting the place they want to travel to.

If you are a newcomer then you can unlock the first Signpost by exploring the very first town with Vesemir. As the Next Gen update is already out, this feature will surely come in handy to complete all the new quests. That sums up everything about how you can Fast Travel in Witcher 3 easily. While you are here check out the best Early-game Skills you should use. For more tips & tricks take a look at other Video game guides.