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How To Easily Get To The Basement In Astro’s Playroom

Basement in Astro's Playroom is a secret area that can be accessed only after completing certain worlds. Check all about it here

The basement in Astro’s Playroom is one of the hidden areas due to so many people having trouble finding how to get there. It’s not your problem if you’re having trouble too and you have nothing to worry about as we’ve found the exact location to guide you on how to get there.

How To Get To The Basement In Astro’s Playroom


The basement in Astro’s Playroom can be accessed once you’re in the GPU Plaza. On the left side of the GPU Plaza, make sure that you have the PlayStation Labo area right in front of you. This will show you a set of stairs that go down. You might even see bots running around in that place. Use the stairs that go down and you will be in the basement. It is fairly simple to get there but made difficult because it is to the side.

how to get to basement in astro's basement

Astro’s Playroom is designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind and each area gives you a glimpse of the inner working of the brand new console.


Before you get to this area, you will need to beat all the four main areas in Astro’s Playroom. You will be able to see the basement but getting there can be a bit confusing. Just make sure that you position yourself perfectly and you’ll find your way to the basement easily.

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Once you complete all the worlds, getting to the basement can be pretty easy and open whenever you want.


Astro’s Playroom is available for every PS5 owner and comes preloaded in the console itself. You will have a ton of things to check out interact within the game.

This is all there is to know about how to get to the basement in Astro’s Playroom. Astro’s Playroom is only available on PlayStation 5.

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