PS5 Microphone Records Your Voice When You Earn A Trophy

In the days following the launch of the PS5, players will continue to encounter features that were not publicly communicated in this form. One PS5 player noticed that when unlocking a trophy, in addition to a short gameplay clip, the voice of the player is also recorded.

This month, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft released the new generation of consoles with the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, respectively.

As is usual with the launch of a new console, the players discover various features in the first few weeks that were not openly communicated by the console manufacturers. On the PS5, a user noticed that when you unlock a trophy, not only a small gameplay clip is recorded that shows you how you have unlocked the corresponding trophy.

Instead, the players’ voices are recorded and put into the gameplay clip. What the whole thing looks like in practice is illustrated by the video of a user who, after several attempts, succeeded in throwing a boss into the dust in the dark role-playing game Demon’s Souls. A success that the player was loudly happy about.

In the past few days, the fact that the microphone of the DualSense controller is activated by default has been criticized in some harsh terms. Since the users were not informed of this incident, they sometimes felt overheard. After all, the microphone was active without their knowledge, which inadvertently gave players in multiplayer lobbies the opportunity to overhear other users’ conversations.

The use of the microphone can be deactivated both in the gameplay clips of the trophies and in the multiplayer lobbies. Sony Interactive Entertainment did not point this out at any time, however, and was therefore criticized.

First time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from PS5