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How To Get The TMP Gun In Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo

Here is how you can unlock the Hidden TMP gun in the RE4 Remake Demo.

There are many hidden secrets that you can get in the Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo and the TMP gun is one of them. In the original game, you had to purchase this gun from the Merchant for 10000 PTAs. But in the remake demo, you can unlock it for free. So here is a quick guide on how to get the TMP gun in RE4 Remake Demo.

How to Get the TMP Gun in Resident Evil 4 Remake Demo

resident evil 4 remake demo get tmp gun

You can find the TMP Gun in the chest at the bottom of the Well if you discard all your items before entering the village. This part is very important, and also what makes getting this gun so interesting. Don’t worry if you feel bad about discarding your existing items. You can make up for them in a way. But first, let us check how to get the gun:

  1. Discard every item you have in your inventory outside the Village gate.
  2. Open the gate and go straight towards the tower.
  3. You could either sneak your way to the well or run past the enemies. I suggest the latter, make sure you don’t pick up anything on the way as that will make discarding everything useless.
  4. Now, go further ahead and you will find a ladder leading you down the well.
  5. Go down and head towards the two barrels in the front.
  6. You will find a Blue Chest on their left.
  7. Open it and you will get the TMP gun. You can break the other barrels nearby to get its ammo and a Kitchen knife.

Now to make up for the items you discarded, you can get some replacements for them.

Unlike the knife in the original Resident Evil 4. The one in this game has durability, so it will break sooner or later so it isn’t much of a loss. Not to mention you get a Kitchen knife from one of the barrels. As for the handgun you can consider it a trade-off, as you got the TMP which is better in many ways. And the only other thing you lose is the First Aid, which you would have used away. This is considering you didn’t get the herbs or other ammo. But this gun still feels worth more than those losses.

That covers this guide on how to get the hidden TMP gun in the RE4 Remake Demo. You should also check out our guide on the Cheat Code for the demo that lets you unlock the Mad Chainsaw mode. And for more on this game, you should find these things interesting on how old Leon and Ashley are, how to parry, and the achievements list.