How To Get Fruit Battlegrounds The Hunt Badge

Looking for the task to complete and get The Hunt badge in Roblox Battlegrounds? This guide has covered everything you are need to do.

The Hunt: First Edition has brought a plethora of UGC rewards in multiple game titles throughout the Roblox. In addition to those, the games give badges for finishing certain tasks. Collecting a specific number of badges unlocks even more freebies. While many developers have added complex and time-consuming tasks, getting The Hunt Badge in Fruit Battlegrounds is among the easiest. Scroll down and find out how you can obtain it.

How to Unlock The Hunt Badge in Fruit Battlegrounds

Unlock The Hunt Badge in Fruit Battlegrounds
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This is probably one of the easiest badges of The Hunt: First Edition, as you simply need to be at level 15 and get a 2-kill streak (players). It doesn’t matter if you kill a beginner or a veteran, it just has to be in the row. If you die after getting one kill, then it will reset, and you’ll have to hunt again. Killing the same player twice also doesn’t count, it has to be two separate ones.

If you die, you will lose bounty, and so will they, thus it is better to go prepared. Even with low HP, having a good grasp over your fruit abilities or simply having the OP fruit will make it easier to deal with others. If you are not sure which fruits to spin for, then check our tier list. On the other hand, if you have a specific one in mind, but are low on gems, then use our codes list.

Once you have completed the task, you will see the badge notification in the bottom-right corner. Additionally, you will earn The Commando title and 500 Gems.

Some players have reported that they are not getting the badge even after fulfilling all the requirements. If you face this issue, there are two things you can do. First, you can change the server, and keep changing it till it works. Second, have the 500 Bounty.

With this, we wrap up our how to get The Hunt badge in Fruit Battlegrounds guide. For more topics like this, make sure to check our Roblox section, we have covered The Hunt: First Edition badge rewards and a list of all the games that are part of it.