Honkai Star Rail Tears Of Dreams Guide (Get And Use)

Level up your characters faster with the Honkai Star Rail Tears of Dreams material.

Added in the 1.6 update, Tears of Dreams in Honkai Star Rail is a Trace and Light Cone Ascension material. Used as a substitute for insufficient path materials, this allows you to level up characters and weapons without much hassle. With this, you wouldn’t have to spend hours grinding Calyx for the various items.

If you are at Equilibrium Level 1 or higher, then you would have received some of these materials through the mail. Claim them if you haven’t, and then find out the other methods to get them in HSR.

Where to Find Tears of Dreams in Honkai Star Rail

Where to Find Tears of Dreams in Honkai Star Rail
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At the time of writing, there are only two ways to get Tears of Dreams in HSR. The first way is to get it from the Nameless Glory of Nameless Honor Battle Pass. The second way is to purchase the Herta Contract: Resource Supply V2.

Nameless Honor has both the free and paid track, and you only get the material from paid Glory. Keep leveling up, and you will get them at levels 15, 20, 25, 35, 40, 45, and 50. You get a total of 312 of these Trace and Light Cone Ascension materials by completing all of these glory stages.

Herta Contract Resource Supply V2 is found in the Contract Shop. You can exchange it for the 660 Oneiric Shards. There are five packs in the store, so you would need a total of 3,300 Oneiric Shards for all of them. It refreshes per version, for now giving 150 Tears of Dreams and 60,000 Credit in each pack. Oneiric Shards are the premium currency of HSR that you can obtain from the Express Supply Pass or by purchasing Oneiric Pouch from the store.

How to Use Tears of Dreams in Honkai Star Rail

Once you have exhausted the Trace and Light Cone ascension material, you will have the option of exchanging it with this material. The amount required will change depending on the rarity of the item. Since you don’t get unlimited, it is best to use them after thinking it through.

With this, you can now find and obtain the Tears of Dreams in Honkai Star Rail. If it is useful to you, do check out our HSR section. We have covered topics like how to get the Let Her Cook achievement and Ancient Engine locations.