V Rising Tailor Floor (Step By Step Guide)

If you are curious to know how to unlock and get Tailor Floor in V Rising.

In this guide, we will explain how to get Tailor Floor in V Rising. It’s a type of floor that will give you some benefits related to crafting time. So without further ado, let’s get into the details about the items you need unlocked and the boss you need to beat.

How to Get Tailor Floor in V Rising

nicholaus the fallen location v rising

Since everything in this game is interconnected, these are the steps you need to take in order to unlock the Tailor Floor in V Rising:

  • Unlock the Blood Altar. This will let you hunt powerful V Blood carriers and drink their blood to claim their power and knowledge as your own. You will require 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence for this and you can find it under Production > Dominance.
  • Interact with it and scroll to find Nicholaus the Fallen, a Level 37 boss.
  • Note that on the same page, it’s mentioned that you can unlock the Structure – Study (Library). Players can use the Study to uncover new technology and items.
  • The Study requires the following materials in V Rising:
  • Now, on the page of Nicholaus the Fallen, click on Track Blood.
  • Head to the location which should be in the Forgotten Cemetery.
  • Fight this boss. It will be a tough fight so to help you out, we will be covering a separate guide for it soon.
  • Once you kill him, hold F to extract his blood. It will take a few moments to finish extracting.
  • Now go back to your castle and build the Study with the help of all the required materials.
  • The Study will help you create the Tailor Floor technology.
  • Keep in mind that it will let you Discover a Random Technology for 75 Scrolls. Once you have that amount, click on Discover. This will give you the chance to discover anything from Structures, Armor, Weapons, Magic, and Consumables.

This is the process to get Tailor Floor in V Rising. While you are here, make sure to check out our V Rising Guides for more tips & tricks in the game.